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East of England Liberal Democrats

  • Article: Jan 14, 2019

    We all remember waking up to that awful result two and a half years ago. We were all braced for uncertainty. But nobody could have predicted how disastrously the wheels came off the Brexit wagon.

    Warnings of food and medicine shortages. Tearing up vital environmental laws. Becoming rule takers, not rule makers.

  • Planning and Development header
    Article: Jan 14, 2019

    Suffolk Coastal Final Draft Local Plan

    (Publication under Regulation 19 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012)

    The Suffolk Coastal Final Draft Local Plan has been published for submission of representations. This is the final stage before the Council submits the Local Plan to the Secretary of State for the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government for Examination. The representations period runs to17.00 on Monday 25th February 2019.

  • Article: Jan 14, 2019

    Two and a half years ago, on the steps of Downing Street, the Prime Minister promised to tackle society's burning injustices.

    My constituents elected me to fight for a People's Vote and to keep our Union together.

    I was glad to hear it. We could argue all day why people voted to Leave. But at the heart of it for many was a loss of faith in the basic promise that if you work hard and play by the rules, you'll get on in life.

  • Universal Credit logo
    Article: Jan 14, 2019

    Bedford Borough Liberal Democrat Universal Credit spokesperson Dean Crofts has warned the Conservatives must commit to "major investment" to remedy the problems with Universal Credit. Dean said The Conservative's botched roll-out of Universal Credit continues to cause real pain and misery that must be stopped. Liberal Democrats demand better than the Conservatives' cruel policy of balancing the books on the backs of the poor."

    Dean added "Instead of putting the most vulnerable in society through another 12 months of misery, Rudd should end the benefits freeze immediately and fully restore the billions the Tories' cut from Universal Credit's Work Allowance. That is the major investment we need. Failure to do so will see this crisis go on and on."

  • UK Armed Forces
    Article: Jan 12, 2019
    By Brenner Munden in Brentwood Gazette

    In a report released by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) in 2017 it found out that the UK spent $47.2 billion (Approx. £35.5) in defence- which ranked us seventh in the world.

    The MOD has also declared that in the past 8 years, the UK has met NATO's 2% GDP target for defence expenditure and in 2017/18 spent £1 billion on military operations. The planned £41 billion project to upgrade Trident (Dreadnought
    programme) is also expected to cost £2.2 billion a year to run- for the next 30 years.

  • Border control
    Article: Jan 12, 2019
    By Cllr Karen Chilvers

    Currently, we have an excellent system of managing legal migration with our closest neighbours. "Free movement" gives us the ability to tap in to a workforce with few barriers, allowing people from 28 countries, including the UK, to work, marry, live and study across Europe.

    It has provided us with doctors, nurses, scientists, teachers, fruit pickers, hospitality workers, cleaners and more for the last 40+ years and given UK residents the opportunity to exercise the same rights.

  • Mayor Dave Hodgson and SMART Chief Executive Anita McCallum
    Article: Jan 12, 2019

    As part of a range of additional services and support for rough sleepers in Bedford Borough this winter, twenty new overnight beds are available every night through to 31st March.

    The new beds are provided via partnership between Bedford Borough Council and the charity SMART, which runs the Prebend Day Centre and extended outreach services. SMART's Chief Executive Anita McCallum is pictured here with Mayor Dave.

  • Mayor Dave Hodgson at Bedford Library
    Article: Jan 12, 2019

    The Council's LibraryPlus digital model launched in 2017 is proving to be a success in the three libraries where it was introduced - Bedford Central Library, Bromham Library and Wootton Library. Bedford Borough has a higher rate of book issues than the average for England with 3,572 issues per 1,000 population (England's average is 2,990).

  • Article: Jan 11, 2019

    For more than two years, the Liberal Democrats have been leading the fight on Brexit. And it's working - a year ago, less than 20% of the British people wanted a final say - now a majority of the public want to have their say.

    The full film launches on Monday evening at 7pm, and you will be able to watch it here: facebook.com/libdems/videos/542764446198355

  • Calcott Hall Farm (Calcott Hall Farm)
    Article: Jan 11, 2019
    By Cllr Karen Chilvers in Brentwood Gazette

    I remember when I was a child and my mother would take us to an emporium called "The Farm Shop". I loved it; the way it smelt, the apron-wearin lady behind the counter, the paper bags and potatoes wrapped in newspaper.

    But that was the 1970s, before the big supermarkets started to take a stranglehold with their convenience of 'everything in one place' and strawberries all year round. We all followed suit in pursuit of cheaper and cheaper produce. Now, thankfully, it seems the tide is turning again.