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    • Euro Candidate Barbara Gibson in Berkhamsted
      Article: May 18, 2019


      Tring, Berkhamsted & Northchurch today held a successful Euro Campaign stall in Berkhamsted.

      They were joined by the first placed Liberal Democrat Euro candidate, Dr Barbara Gibson who was out and about meeting voters on the High Street.

      Barbara Gibson visited Berkhamsted to meet some of the new Liberal Democrat councillors who were successfully elected to Dacorum Borough Council in the May 2019 local elections.

      Remember, in the European Parlimentary Election on Thursday 23rd May you have one vote and must vote for a party.

      Please vote for the Liberal Democrats.

      From left to right in the photograph:

      Cllr Phil McDowell; Sharon Bowles, Baroness Berkhamsted; Cllr Nigel Taylor; Cllr Sally Symington; Berkhamsted Town Cllr Peter White; Cllr Lara Pringle; Hertfordshire County Councillor Dr Barbara Gibson; Cllr Stephen Claughton; Cllr Nicky Woolner; Cllr Geraldine Corry and Cllr Garrick Stevens, who is also the Leader of Berkhamsted Town Council.

    • Article: May 18, 2019

      It's been an exciting few weeks for the Lib Dems. Fresh off the back of our big local election wins, we're going into the European elections polling higher than we have in nearly a decade, and our campaigns around the country have well and truly taken off.

      And what's even better, is we have loads of new members to share the joy with!

      Article: May 18, 2019

      The Trussell Trust network of foodbanks provided a record 1.6 million food parcels to people in crisis over the past year. More than half a million of these went to children.

      According to the Trust the scale of hunger in the UK is unprecedented with the number of food parcels provided by our network soaring by 73% in the last five years. One of the main providers of foodbanks, the Trussell Trust are not the only source of emergency food issued by charitable groups therefore these figures do not represent the full scale of the problem in the UK.

    • Fight Climate Change
      Article: May 18, 2019

      The UK is at risk of losing the ability to monitor climate change if a Brexit deal is not agreed the Liberal Democrats have warned today.

      If the UK leaves the EU then we will no longer be able to participate in the Copernicus programme as a member state and will have no role in how it is run. This is the most ambitious Earth Observation programme to date and provides accurate information to improve the management of the environment in order to tackle the effects of climate change.

      The Copernicus programme is not the only satellite programme the UK could lose access to. The Prime Minister has already made clear the UK will not use the Galileo satellite for defence or critical national infrastructure once the UK leaves the EU.

      The UK currently has no existing way to launch satellites into space, with the last one being launched in 1971, when Black Arrow carried a satellite called Prospero into low Earth orbit, albeit from a launchpad in Australia.

      The Conservative Government are rumoured to be proposing new measures to safeguard space infrastructure as part of their first defence space strategy. However, experts have widely critiqued the strategy as completely unfeasible due to the amount it would cost.

    • Article: May 17, 2019

      Today is the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia.

      But we fight every day against discrimination and inequality.

      The Liberal Democrats have always pushed for a fairer and more equal society. I was the originator and architect of the same-sex marriage act, which legalised same-sex marriage in the UK in 2013 when I was the minister for equalities in the Home Office. We have always fought for equal rights for all LGBT+ members and we continue to do so today.

    • Article: May 17, 2019

      We've seen some incredibly exciting polls on the weeks since the local elections.

      We've got the message, the momentum and the membership.

      It's clear that we are the biggest and strongest Remain party, and we are on course to elect many more MEPs.

      But it is important to view these polls in the context of the D'Hondt voting system.

    • Article: May 17, 2019

      Brexit is a national embarrassment - and it's going to hurt young people more than anyone else.

      It leaves us weaker in the fight against the climate crisis.

      It strips our universities of millions of pounds of funding.

      It takes away our right to live in, work in, travel in and fall in love with the 27 other countries of the European Union.

    • Article: May 17, 2019

      When I began to look into the topic of BAME mental health, what surprised me was how little research had been done into it. There is even less when it comes to intersectional groupings. Even with the information that there is, it's not widely accessible or 'showcased'. I got the impression, from an initial trawl of the Internet, that the subject isn't deemed to be particularly 'headline grabbing.'

    • Mayor Dave Hodgson Cuts the Ribbon at the Reopening of the Queens Drive Post Office
      Article: May 16, 2019

      Mayor Dave Hodgson helped re-open the Post Office at Queens Drive Shopping Parade yesterday in Goldington, Bedford. Mayor Dave joined the Postmaster and colleagues in the Londis store to celebrate the reintroduction of the range of Post Office services, at the same location as the branch that closed with the former shop on the site.

    • Article: May 16, 2019

      Well, it's confirmed. Theresa May is on manoeuvres again and will try to force the Withdrawal Agreement through Parliament in the week starting 3rd June. Anyone else think this is getting a bit embarrassing?

      For those keeping count, this will be attempt number 4 at pushing this failed deal through Parliament. Each and every time it's been put to the Commons so far, it's been rejected - twice by record margins.