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    • Bedford Railway Station Sign
      Article: Sep 20, 2019

      Mayor Dave Hodgson has announced proposals for new direct rail services from Bedford to Nottingham to the north and Reading to the south.

      Government decisions mean Bedford will lose direct services to the East Midlands from next year. Mayor Dave and Bedford Borough Council are setting out plans which would restore those links and more, and in doing so deliver major economic and social benefits.

    • Climate Change press release 18th September 2019 ()
      Article: Sep 20, 2019
      By Carole Mulroney, Southend-on-Sea Borough Council Cabinet Member for Environment and Planning, Liberal Democrat Group Leader & Councillor for Leigh Ward
    • Ed Davey
      Article: Sep 20, 2019

      The Liberal Democrats have passed a motion which ends illegitimate corporate profit-shifting and calls for more investment in British business.

      The motion calls for action to ensure that international businesses operating in the UK pay their fair share of tax. The motion also reaffirms the Liberal Democrats' commitment to reversing the Conservatives' unfair and unnecessary cut of corporation tax to 17%.

      Speaking after the debate, Liberal Democrat Shadow Chancellor, Ed Davey said "Britain has some great businesses, that deserve extra support for their crucial investment decisions. With just the threat of Brexit already causing a collapse in investment, Liberal Democrats want to help companies across our economy with our business tax plans. To afford backing responsible firms, it's also right that we ensure multinationals dodging their fair share of tax no longer get away with it. Currently, large multinationals too often artificially shift profits overseas to play the tax system, whilst avoiding any penalties.

      Ed added "Instead of tackling this abuse head on, the Conservatives have lowered corporation tax way below what's needed for competitiveness, whilst failing to tackle Britain's most unfair business tax, business rates. Liberal Democrats demand better for business. Britain's responsible businesses are looking for a party that champions markets, free trade and competition, and understands the real problems with business taxes. Liberal Democrats do - and that's why we are the natural party for business."

    • Article: Sep 19, 2019

      Britain's railways are essential to everyday life - they transport millions to and from work and around the country day in, day out.

      Unfortunately, all too often our trains are late, crowded or cancelled. Ticketing is a confusing mess and the railways and their rolling stock are in desperate need of investment.

    • Article: Sep 19, 2019

      It's no secret: crime rates in the UK have been rising.

      Brutal knife and gun crimes have become a sad fixture of our headlines, while conviction rates for offences including violent robberies and sexual assaults have experienced an alarming decline.


      Since 2015, the Conservatives have cut £1bn from police budgets while resolutely maintaining that falling policing numbers have nothing to do with rising crime.

    • Silver Street in Bedford Town Centre on a Busy Shopping Day
      Article: Sep 19, 2019

      Mayor Dave Hodgson's Cabinet is backing a further five-year term for the Bedford Business Improvement District (BID), in another demonstration of its commitment to the town centre.

      The BID is funded by businesses themselves, and delivers projects or services to improve the trading environment. Each BID term lasts for 5 years, and with the current term expiring in March 2020 a ballot of BID Levy payers is taking place this autumn to determine whether it will continue.

    • Article: Sep 19, 2019

      There are just 11 days left to get your nominations in for the candidates you'd like to see elected to party committees.

      If you need a reminder of which roles are up for election, here it is:

      Top of the bill is Federal President, to take over from Sal Brinton on 1 January and serve for 2020, 2021 and 2022. This is a major role chairing the party's Federal Board, protecting and representing members, and acting as guardian of the party's interests. Hustings will be held throughout the country during the two-month campaign, and candidates may raise and spend £20,000 campaigning for the job.

    • Article: Sep 19, 2019

      With beautiful sunny Bournemouth as a backdrop, Paddy's friends and colleagues took to the main stage to share their fond memories of him.

    • Article: Sep 19, 2019

      What an amazing week we have had.

      Hearing about our 700 council gains. 15 European gains.

      Chuka, Sarah, Angela, Philip, Luciana and Sam joining from the Conservatives and Labour. The Brecon win for the wonderful Jane Dodds against the Conservatives.

      It's happening in Scotland too. Councillor Fiona Dryburgh left Labour to join us. And Councillor Mark McGeever left the Conservatives to join us.

    • Christine Jardine
      Article: Sep 19, 2019

      Liberal Democrats have committed to turning the lives of offenders around with a series of rehabilitory measures to overhaul our criminal justice system.

      A motion passed at the Conference in Brighton would improve access to secure housing, stable employment and protective measures specifically designed to support women.

      The party's Shadow Justice Secretary Christine Jardine said "Our criminal justice system is in crisis. Prisons are overcrowded and understaffed. Riots, drug use, suicide and extreme violence have all become far too common. Too many prisoners go on to reoffend, which means more people becoming victims of crime. For decades, Labour and Conservative governments have sent far too many people to prison who shouldn't be there. At the same time, they have failed to properly provide the services that help people build lives free from crime. Liberal Democrats demand better. Instead of wasting money locking people up on short sentences that don't work, we will spend it on the things that actually prevent crime. We will ensure prisoners do work, education and training while they are in prison and find suitable housing and stable employment when they leave. The Liberal Democrats have set out a new, holistic approach to rehabilitation that will help people turn their lives around and make our communities safer."