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    • Article: Dec 11, 2019

      "It doesn't have to be this way."

      My message today is clear.

      To stop Brexit, we must stop Boris Johnson. We have one more day left to do it.

      To all my fellow Lib Dem activists up and down the country - I say this:

      Keep going. Keep fighting for every vote.

      And to everyone out there who has a growing pile of Lib Dem leaflets on their kitchen table: we can win where you live.

    • tomorrow JS2019GE (libdems.org)
      Article: Dec 11, 2019


      In Suffolk Coastal Vote: JULES EWART Liberal Democrat X

      In Central Suffolk & North Ipswich Vote: JAMES SANDBACH Liberal Democrat X

      In Waveney Vote: HELEN KORFANTY X

      Published by keith Dickerson on behalf of Jules Ewart (Liberal Democrats) both at The Cottages, Bridge Street. Kelsale, Saxmundham IP17 2PB

    • Boris Johnson demeans the office he holds
      Article: Dec 10, 2019

      If Boris Johnson wins on Thursday, you lose.

      His destructive Brexit plan will damage our country and must be stopped. Boris Johnson cares more about himself than the future of our country and he cannot be trusted. He has lied to parliament, he has lied to HM The Queen and he is lying to you.

      Every extra Liberal Democrat MP will give Jo Swinson a stronger hand to stop the Conservatives. I can win here and oust Alex Burghart but I need your vote.

    • Article: Dec 10, 2019

      "Johnson's Brexit lies have caused huge damage to our public services already."

      Boris's lie on the side of a bus was an even bigger whopper than we thought. Not only does Brexit not mean an extra £350 million a week for the NHS...

      In reality, it means £350 million a week less.

      And that's before we've even left.

    • Article: Dec 10, 2019

      The economy usually features heavily in election discourse.

      But this time the two main parties have opted for silly economics instead. It's either pursuing a Brexit that we know will damage the economy or a reckless spending plan we can't afford.

      But you can't fool business. Over 60 business leaders have named us as the 'only party who have set out a credible plan for future prosperity'.

    • nhs doctor
      Article: Dec 10, 2019

      The number of GP practices has fallen to a new record low of 6,867 while the number of qualified GPs has dropped by 339, NHS figures have revealed.

      The Conservatives have faile to meet its promise to address the shortfall in GPs has left the country poorly equipped to deal with the upcoming winter crisis.

      The statistics for September 2019 reveal:

    • Climate Changes
      Article: Dec 10, 2019

      thursday is polling day and your chance to vote Lib dem

      Lib Dems ambitious spending plans to tackle the climate emergency

      The UK must play its part in addressing climate change and cut greenhouse gases in every sector of the economy to achieve net-zero.

      Remaining in the EU will help to ensure that the international community works together to tackle the climate emergency. We cannot lead the world on climate change action if we are outside the EU.

    • Daniel Norton at Riseley Primary School
      Article: Dec 10, 2019
      The Liberal Democrat candidate for North East Bedfordshire, Daniel Norton, has today challenged the local Conservative candidate to rule out a no-deal Brexit in December 2020 and respect the sacrifice that his predecessor, Alistair Burt, made to avoid this outcome.
      The challenge, just a few days before polling day, follows Boris Johnson refusing to rule out a no-deal exit from the EU.
    • Article: Dec 10, 2019
      By Liberal Democrats

      "Almost the only people who think Johnson a nice guy are those who do not know him."

      It's a statement made by Max Hastings, Johnson's former boss at the Telegraph. He's not the only person who has worked with Boris Johnson who has gone public with their criticisms.

      Here's a collection of quotes from his Conservative colleagues:

    • 1.gif
      Article: Dec 10, 2019
      By Liberal Democrats

      This Thursday marks one of the most important elections in a generation. If Boris Johnson wins a majority, he will push through his disastrous Brexit plan. He will also plunge us headfirst into some of the most extreme economic policies in decades.

      This won't just ruin Christmas, like forgetting the stuffing or not taking your stockings down before lighting the fire. It will be disastrous for our country for decades to come.